Mooring Maintenance Services

Lugarno Marina's expertise when it comes to the design, installation, inspection and maintenance of moorings  is unsurpassed in Sydney.

Lugarno Marina is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of 90% of moorings throughout the Georges River and Botany Bay. The capacity of these moorings systems range from small pleasure craft up to some of the largest ships.

  • Private and Commercial Moorings
  • Mooring Annual Inspection (required annually under the NSW mooring licence, and insurance Companies)
  • Swing Moorings
  • Regular Servicing
  • New Moorings Laid
  • Mooring Maintenance
  • Mooring Replacement
  • Servicing Botany Bay and the Georges River.
  • Mooring Buoy Replacement
  • Moorings Moved and Relocated

When we inspect your mooring we typically ensure that your boat is tied alongside our mooring vessel and that the mooring has been strapped to our lifting winch allowing us access to the buoy to clean and inspect. From there we look at all mooring ropes to ensure that they’re clean, if we find a buildup of algae or growth these ropes are water blasted to ensure they stay clean. We then lift the mooring chain and block to the surface and clean and inspect this thoroughly. If we find parts that need replacing, at this point we’ll replace these with new parts to ensure the safety of your mooring. Once our cleaning and inspection process has been followed we put the mooring back into its original position and the appropriate stickers are applied to advise the next service date. After a clean up of your boat to ensure that all marks or evidence of footmarks have been removed you are free to enjoy your nice clean mooring.

Lugarno Marina has developed a thorough mooring service process to ensure that your serviced moorings are inspected and reported on annually.

Read more about the Private Mooring licence Conditions

Your mooring needs to be inspected every year to comply with Maritime rules and insurance.


Services for moorings:


  • Design
  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance

In-water Surveys and Inspection

  • CCTV Video Inspection
  • Still Photography
  • Anode Replacement

Hydraulic Tools

  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Grinding


  • Rapid Emergency Response
  • Self Propelled Crane Barge.
  • General Purpose Barges.
  • Lifting Bags
  • Support Vessels
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